Students dance and sing to end diabetes.

Coastal Bend Magazine
Coastal Bend Magazine

By Priscilla Torres CONNECT

Local high school students are taking a stand against diabetes and childhood obesity by creating a program called “I-Conquer.”

They’re teaching youngsters how to stay healthy…through a little song and dance.

Saherish Surani, a tenth grader from Mary Carroll High School said, “Well, diabetes is really prevalent in our society.”

She along with several other students created the I-Conquer program.

“This is project I Conquer. We actually found it to increase awareness about diabetes and childhood obesity as well as teach children how to live healthier lives,” Surani said.

Showing kids eating healthy and exercising can be fun.

“Our mission is to create habits instead of changing them and we do this through puppet shows, Zumba dances, moves and then fun little jingles and songs,” Surani said.

Kindergarten students at Luther Jones are just one of the schools participating in the I-Conquer Program and it seems to be catching on.

“I was learning about if you eat junk food, you will, you can’t exercise and you’ll be lazy,” David Lee, a Kindergarten student at Luther Jones Elementary said.

Molly Gowan, another Kindergarten said she learned, “Apples make you smile. Carrots make your eyes look pretty and stuff.”

Surani says teaching kids at a young age will help them live a healthier life in the long run.

“So, we thought that this was very important. we’re geared toward 3 to 7 year olds because at this age, the children are like sponges. They absorb anything we can tell them,” Surani said.

So, if you too much junk food then…Kindergartner Molly Gowan says, “You won’t be healthy.”