Continued ideas to help our children cope with depression and anxiety

Creativity: Facilitate creative daily projects that allow children to use their imagination. Arts, crafts, mechanics, woodwork, building computers and cars, gardening, magic kits, water play, costumes, sewing, and culinary arts are all good choices to offer your child. Create long lists of options, and create spaces in your garage, bathrooms, kitchens, and backyards for your children to immerse themselves in creative play. For instance, I had one client whose parents described their daughter as a “ghost of a child”; severely depressed and disengaged, she refused to leave the house for days. The parents thought out-of-the-box and had her collect tadpoles from a nearby lagoon. She built “ponds” for them in the backyard to watch them grow into frogs. The child was overjoyed and spent delightful hours with her “new friends.” Creativity is the source of light and joy and can be incredibly therapeutic for children and adolescents.


What are the warning signs of mental illness in children?

Warning signs that your child might have a mental health condition include:

  • Mood changes. Look for feelings of sadness or withdrawal that last at least two weeks or severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships at home or school.
  • Intense feelings. Be aware of feelings of overwhelming fear for no reason — sometimes with a racing heart or fast breathing — or worries or fears intense enough to interfere with daily activities.
  • Behavior changes. These include drastic changes in behavior or personality, as well as dangerous or out-of-control behavior. Fighting frequently, using weapons and expressing a desire to badly hurt others also are warning signs.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Look for signs of trouble focusing or sitting still, both of which might lead to poor performance in school.
  • Unexplained weight loss. A sudden loss of appetite, frequent vomiting or use of laxatives might indicate an eating disorder.
  • Physical symptoms. Compared with adults, children with a mental health condition might develop headaches and stomachaches rather than sadness or anxiety.
  • Physical harm. Sometimes a mental health condition leads to self-injury, also called self-harm. This is the act of deliberately harming your own body, such as cutting or burning yourself. Children with a mental health condition also might develop suicidal thoughts or attempt suicide.
  • Substance abuse. Some kids use drugs or alcohol to try to cope with their feelings.

Things we can help our children with depression and anxiety

Hope: It is very important for children to have hope; to look forward to something extraordinary, meaningful, and super-exciting. This can be an effective way to help get their minds out of the fog isolation has brought on and into thoughts of the future. Planning future vacations, visits with family and friends, weekend trips, important events (birthdays, anniversaries, future graduations), can create a sense of movement and the realization that one day, the mundane life of daily chores and online school will come to an end.


Promotion and prevention

Mental health promotion and prevention interventions aim to strengthen an individual’s capacity to regulate emotions, enhance alternatives to risk-taking behaviors, build resilience for difficult situations and adversities, and promote supportive social environments and social networks.

These programmes require a multilevel approach with varied delivery platforms –for example, digital media, health or social care settings, schools or the community, and varied strategies to reach adolescents, particularly the most vulnerable.


Does too much sugar cause health problems in children?

It can. Food and drinks that are high in added sugars have extra calories and may have few nutrients.  Too many sugary foods and sweet drinks can make children feel full and leaves less room for healthy foods.  Too much sugar can also lead to cavities if children do not brush their teeth regularly. Sugar is often blamed for behavioral problems and hyperactivity in children.  However, studies have not shown that eating sugar makes a difference in the behavior of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Visual sugar. How designers learned a favorite trick… | by Yuriy Oparenko |  UX Collective

Kidneys and Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes Complications: Kidney Health. The kidneys are the body’s filtering system, clearing waste from blood, regulating the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance, and producing urine. The kidneys also activate vitamin D, support red blood cell production, and play a vital role in managing blood pressure.

Adult kidneys constantly grow, remodel themselves, study finds | News  Center | Stanford Medicine


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