What is Ante Tobacco?

The series consists of a 12-minute CD, a cartoon book and a coloring book, all of which convey the anti-tobacco message through a colony of ants. In the story, a young ant is lured by the excitement of tobacco, succumbs to temptations, is caught with tobacco by the grandpa ant, taught the dangers of tobacco and then vows never to try it again. He then learns that the reason grandpa ant is tired all of the time is because he uses tobacco. The family convinces the grandpa that, with their help, they can all say no to tobacco.

The cartoon addresses both smokeless tobacco use and cigarettes in a way that children understand with a story-line centered around family, pictures with bright colors and lovable characters with whom they can relate. When the program is presented in schools, students take a knowledge assessment survey before and after the cartoon. Most kids comprehend the ill effects of tobacco after the cartoon and want to know how to pass that message on to their parents and siblings who smoke.

Books,pencils, and stickers are distributed to children during presentation time.

Please contact us via email or phone to evaluate possible presentation at your institution.

Who Are We?

The AntE Tobacco Education Campaign is presented by It’s Your Life Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to serve and educate our community locally and globally to make healthy life choices. The program has been funded in partnership with local businesses, community foundations and physicians. Members of the community are working together to devote their time, intellect and money to help serve our children’s future.

The key to the success of this campaign is community involvement and volunteerism. Our perseverance and success can only be matched by the generous donations of our supporters. In addition to local volunteers and donors, this campaign would not be possible without the support of several other foundation collaborations.

Future foundation goals include continued education of children about the hazards of tobacco and smoking use and advancing the education of our senior citizens on various health issues.