How much exercise do you need?

Exercising is very important in our daily activities.

The key thing to remember about starting an exercise program is that something is always better than nothing. Going for a quick walk is better than sitting on the couch; one minute of activity will help you lose more weight than no activity at all. That said, the current recommendations for most adults is to reach at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. You’ll get there by exercising for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Can’t find 30 minutes in your busy schedule? It’s okay to break things up. Two 15-minute workouts or three 10-minute workouts can be just as effective.

Women walking for exercise talking

What are the warning signs of childhood diabetes?

These signs and symptoms include:

  • Increased thirst and frequent urination. Excess sugar building up in your child’s bloodstream pulls fluid from tissues. …
  • Extreme hunger. …
  • Weight loss. …
  • Fatigue. …
  • Irritability or behavior changes. …
  • Fruity-smelling breath. …
  • Blurred vision. …
  • Yeast infection.

Brain Health

Mental health is one of the most current eminent problems in the United States of America. 61,500,300 Americans experience a mental health disorder in a year, that’s a whopping 1 out of 4 adults. 11% of teens have depression before the age of 18. This is more prominent than you would expect. The three triple “H’s” are Healthy brain, Healthy body, and Healthy food. There are four parts of the brain which is your cerebrum, cerebellum, corpus collosum, and brain stem. To keep your brain healthier eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of rest.


Yaeger Elementary 2019

A big Thank you to the coaches and staff at Yaeger  Elementary!  I had a great time with your kiddos.   Today we had 91 students in attendance.   Your students were amazing and very respectful.  We introduced our new video out called “Wonderland of Fantasy”to the 4th and 5th graders.  This video teaches students about the brain and mental  health.  Did you know that the Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and its capacity is 85% of the brain.   We did some brain exercises and the kids were challenged on some of these exercises.


Club Estates Elementary 2019

We would like to thank Club Estates  Elementary Coaches and staff.  We had 122   students in attendance.  We learned about the brain and how it functioned.  We also talked about healthy foods and what kind of foods one should eat to stay healthy. The students are gardening and in their gardens they have zucchini, squash, green beans, cilantro, carrots, cabbage, and peppers.  We also played a few brain games and color games. I enjoyed your kiddos they were amazing to teach!  Remember the “Triple H” Healthy Body, Healthly Brain, and Healthy Food.