(with lectures from health care providers and distribution of ante-tobacco book and materials to each student, and cartoon CD’s to each class)

School Year 2006

School/Organization# of Students
Health Fair presentation750
Community presentation100
First Baptist School150
Wood River452
Calallen East Primary300
Incarnate Word Academy200
Casa Linda Elementry70
Zavala Special Emphasis Elem328
Sam Houston Elementary254
Luther Jones Elementary500
Windsor park Elementary360
Schanen Estates Elementary250

School Year 2006

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
TGI Elementary220
Club estates Elementary250
Ella Barnes Elementary190
William C Calk Elementary132
Crocket Elementary247
Joseph T Dawson Elementary335
George Evans Elementary200
James W fanning Elementary256
Galvan Elementary275
Weldon G Gi-

School Year 2014-2015

School/Organization# of Students
Gibson Elementary94
Kostoryz Elementary336
Lamar Elementary240
Lexington Place Elementary148
Meadowbrook Elementary300
Prescott Elementary206
Falfurrias ISD
Lassater Elementary140
Falfurrias Elementary240
Flour Bluff ISD
Flour Bluff primary school 1st and 2nd grade800
Flour Bluff primary school 3rd grade344

School Year 2007-2008

School/Organization# of Students
Alice ISD
St Elizabeth130
Corpus Christi ISD
T.G. Allen Elementary220
Ella Barnes Elementary300
Casa Linda Elementary180
Central Park Elementary220
Club Estate Elementary250
Joseph T Dawson Elementary340
George Evan Elementary180
James W Fannin Elementary270
Galvan Elementary275
Weldon G Gibson Elementary260
Sam Houston Elementary255
Luther Jones Elementary325
Kastoryz Elementary336
Lamar Elementary240
Lexington Place Elementary148
Meadowbrook Elementary300
Montclair Elementary240
Prescott Elementary206
Sanders Elementary185
Weldon A Smith Elementary260
W.B. Travis Elementary200
Faye Webb Elementary303
Robert Wislon Elementary300
C.P. Yeager Elementary240
Los Encinos Elementary200
Rose Shaw Elementary220
Oak Park Elementary390
Zavala Special Emphasis Elementary328
Tuloso Midway ISD
Tuloso Elementary500
Flour Bluff ISD1208
Kingsville ISD100
San Diego ISD246
Private/Charter Schools
Incarnate word academy180
Seashore learning center217
Holy Family Church91
Live oak learning center726
St Pius63

School Year 2008-2009

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Allen Elementary School280
Barnes Elementary School315
Calk Elementary School180
Chula Vista Elementary School264
Crockett Elementary School300
Gibson Elementary School266
Sam Houston Elementary School195
Montclair Elementary School74
Evans Elementary School180
Prescott Elementary School206
Schanen Estates Elementary School240
Webb Elementary School355
Los Encinos Elementary School250
Rose Shaw Elementary School275
Menger Elementary School280
Casa Linda Elementary School120
Lexington Elementary School148
Mireles Elementary School140
Yeager Elementary School192
Sanders Elementary School185
Smith Elementary School276
Kostoryz Elementary School336
Club Estates Elementary School90
Travis Elementary School188
Lamar Elementary School55
Luther Jones Elementary School310
Zavala Elementary School200
Dawson Elementary School390
Coastal Bend Indian Meeting100
Calallen ISD
Woodriver Elementary School452
Calallen East Elementary School300
Flour Bluff ISD
Flour Bluff Primary School1208
Private/Charter Schools
Arlington Heights Christian School34
Seashore Learning Center217
Incarnate Word Elementary180
Central Catholic55
Holy Family Catholic School91
Robstown ISD
Lotspeich Elementary School163
Aransas County ISD
Live Oak Learning Center235
Tuloso Midway ISD
Tuloso Elementary School500
Victoria ISD
Chandler Elementary School100
Aloe Elementary School100

School Year 2009-2010

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Lamar Elementary112
Meadow Brook Elementary260
Sam Houston Elementary189
Lexington Elementary227
Gibson Elementary251
Club Estates227
Allen Elementary21
Zavala Elementary23
Rose Shaw Elementary276
Oak Park Elementary320
Menger Elementary203
Webb Elementary300
Schanen Estates184
Evans Elementary180
Chula Vista176
Smith Elementary80
Mireles Elementary307
Los Encinos Elementary200
Calk Elementary120
Ella Barnes Elementary300
Portland ISD
TM Clark Elementary600
East Cliff Elementary150
WC Andrews Elementary250
Aransas County ISD
Live Oak Learning Center675
Robstown ISD
Hattie Martin Elementary300
West Oso ISD
West Oso Elementary341
Private/Charter Schools
Seashore Learning Center76
Galveston ISD
Morgan Elementary160
Parker Elementary162
Rosenberg Elementary162
Bolivar ISD
Crenshaw Elementary162

School Year 2010-2011

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Calk Elementary115
Travis Elementary200
Meadow Brook Elementary260
Dawson Elementary350

School Year 2011-2012

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Calk Elementary130
Barnes Elementary239
Gloria Hicks Elementary300
Gibson Elementary260
Sam Houston Elementary220
Los Encinos Elementary230
Luther Jones Elementary292
Meadowbrook Elementary252
Montclair Elementary210
Travis Elementary252
Webb Elementary260
Zaval Elementary384
Yeager Elementary300
Crockett Elementary215
Kostoryz Elementary350
West Oso Elementary356
Alice School District
Garcia Elementary120
Collins parr San Diego300
Fannin Elementary260
Ramirez Texas School District
Ramirez Elementary20
Benavidez Texas School District
Benavides Elementary75
Falfurrias Texas School District
Lassiter Elementary107
Falfurrias Elementary230

School Year 2012-2013

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Club Estate Elementary School 362
Luther Jones Elementary School 355
George Evans Elementary School 212
Allen Elementary School 234
Barnes Elementary School 222
Evans Elementary School 65
Dawson Elementary School 274
Kostoryz Elementary School 418
Galvan Elementary School 395
Oak Park Elementary School 411
Yeager Elementary School 362
Sanders Elementary School 263
Montclair Elementary School 276
Windsor Park Elementary School 416
Crocket Elementary School 341
Texas A&M Health Fair 800
Rose Shaw Elementary School 356
Metro Elementary School 288
Gibson Elementary School 344
Zavala Elementary School 638
Woodlawn Elementary School 335
Miller High School Community Event 2400
Rockport School District
Live Oak Elementary School 770

School Year 2013-2014

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Garcia Elementary School 539
Galvan Elementary School 366
Yeager Elementary School 399
Dawson Elementary School 458
Barnes Elementary School 355
TG Allen Elementary School 355
Evans Elementary School 224
Yeager Elementary School 263
Calk Elementary School 193
Fanin Elementary School 320
Faye Webb Elementary School 340
Ronald Wilson Elementary School 336
Lead First Health Fair 3000
Rose Shaw Elementary School 318
Crocket Elementary School320
Metro Elementary School 248
South Texas Hindu Society Health Fair 1800
Menger Elementary School 182
Kolda Elementary School 268
Schannen Elementary School 200
Mireles Elementary School 343
Zavala Elementary School 350
Montclair Elementary School 230
Club Estate Elementary School 180
Oak Park Elementary School 102
Neuces County Health Fair 5000
Cornerstone Health Fair 1500
Lead First Health Fair Miller High School 3000

School Year 2014-2015

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Faye Webb Elementary School 360
Barnes Elementary School 305
Mireles Elementary School 337
Calk Elementary School 81
Gloria Hicks Elementary School 120
Robert Wilson Elementary School 241
Dawson Elementary School 272
Texas A&M Health Fair 500
Sanders Elementary School 225
Islamic Society of South Texas Fair 1200
Club Estates Elementary School 332
Yaegar Elementary School 320
Kolda Elementary School 345
Berlanga Elementary School 272
Metro Elementary School 264
South Texas Hindo Society Health Fair 1000
Los Ecinos Elementary School 120
Zavala Elementary School 338
Meadowbrook Elementary 256

School Year 2015-2016

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Dawson Elementary 590
Club Estates 600
Oak Park Elementary 405
Smith Elementary 407
Meadowbrook Elementary 495
Menger Elementary 615
Club Estates Elementary 790
Smith Elementary (grades 4-5) 196
Houston Elementary 782
Yeagar Elementary 412
Luther Jones Elementary 479
Rose Shaw Elementary 525
Berlanga Elementary 602
Kostoryz Elementary 385
Kolda Elementary 620
Calk Elementary 476
Gibson Elementary 292
Mireless Elementary 656
Gloria Hicks Elementary 790
Montclair Elementary 422
Garcia Elementary 395
Sanders Elementary 420
Metro E Elementary 465

School Year 2016-2017

School/Organization# of Students
Corpus Christi ISD
Faye Web Elementary 480
Kostoryz Elementary 220
Meadowbrook Elementary 240
Woodlawn Elementary 360
Ella Barnes Elementary 525
Montclair Elementary 382
Smith Elementary 295
Zavala 620
Calk Elementary 336
Los Encinos Elementary 337
Crockett Elementary 589
ECDC Elementary 420
Galvan Elementary 675
Sam Houston Elementary 691
Menger Elementary 235
Oak Park Elementary 448
Dawson Elementary 542
Sam Houston Elementary 351
Calk Elementary 346
Gloria Hicks Elementary 560
Luther Jones Elementary 379
Travis Elementary 333
Blanch Moore Elementary 279
Woodlawn Elementary 295
Evans Elementary 214
Garcia Elementary 340
Metro Elementary 382