iConquer’s Mission

iConquer is a community youth driven project addressing diabetes prevention that was created and is embraced by middle and high school students in the Coastal Bend region. The mission of iConquer is not to change habits, but to ‘create habits.‘ iConquer founders hope to see a world where the risks of diabetes and obesity are greatly reduced in the adolescent population.

About our Program

Research has demonstrated that age 3-5 is a pivotal age and if a child is obese between the ages of 3-5, then they are eight times more likely to be obese in their adulthood. In addition, after five years of age, a habit is already developed. Current programs hoping to alleviate diabetes target elementary and middle school students. However, by then, habits are already developed and major lifestyle choices are already created. In order to tackle the issues of diabetes, obesity, and unhealthy life choices before it becomes a problem, iConquer targets students aged three to six–the critical years of a child’s life. With the help of middle, high school, and college students, iConquer is effectively capturing the attention of young children through the use of a unique self-created music video (“Conquered”), an animated movie with fun characters, an educational puppet show, dance/exercise routines, iClicker technology, and kid-friendly portion plates that ease the understanding of maintaining a balanced diet. Because childhood habits shape an individual’s habits for life, it is vital that these childhood habits reflect positive health choices. iConquer will not only conquer the risks of diabetes and obesity, but will change lives of children all across the region, state, and hopefully the nation.

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