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Vegetables can be difficult for kids. Sometimes they like them and sometimes they won’t even touch them. However, they still need to eat them! Here is a tasty solution to the vegetable problem if your kids don’t like them one bit.

Smoothies! Most everyone loves smoothies and the best part is you can make them however you like.

I like to follow one formula that I can change around with whatever sounds good.

Fruit (one or two)

Green leaf


Ice (can also use frozen fruit)

And that’s all you need! This is just one formula but I love it because it’s so easy. So here is an easy example of what I like to do.

One banana, a handful of strawberries, two handfuls of fresh spinach, and a half a cup of ice. Add as much ice as you want. This means it will be cold or not as cold depending on how much you want to put.


Side note: The smoothie will be green because of the spinach but you shouldn’t taste the vegetable. Every time I make my smoothies, I have always tasted the fruit. Regardless of how much spinach I put, the fruit always dominates in taste.