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With a 90% rain forecast tomorrow, we’ve decided to reschedule our Golf tournament to January 19th, 2024. Your unwavering support means a lot!
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Surani Sisters
Image Credit: MD Monthly, 2018
Since 2006, the It’s Your Life Foundation has been working on understanding and promoting health literacy among communities across Texas and the world. Our first project, Ante Tobacco, is geared towards addressing and educating youth on the hazards of smoking tobacco. Since then, the It’s Your Life Foundation has two additional flagship health education programs–KNIGHTS and iConquer. KNIGHTS (Keep Nurturing and Inspiring Good Habits in Teen Sleep) aims to educate middle schoolers about the importance of good sleep hygiene. iConquer is focused on educating 3-7 year olds about diabetes, nutrition, obesity, and mental health.

In 2013, the Surani sisters (Sara, Saherish, and Zoya) created Project iConquer, a diabetes awareness program which specifically targets young children. iConquer was founded when Corpus Christi was ranked number 1 in the ‘Fattest Cities of America’ list in Men’s Health magazine in 2010. Currently, one in four children born in South Texas will develop diabetes.

iConquer educates children through a series of animated films, puppet shows, and fun activities–including Zumba dances and interactive recipes. To date, this program alone has reached more than 36,000 students in 35 schools. To work closer with diverse communities, iConquer curriculum has also been translated to Spanish and adapted into Braille and American Sign Language.

In addition to health education programs, the It’s Your Life Foundation is proud to support Coventure19–a youth venture initiative launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to give highschool and college students “minigrants” to support their local non-profit initiatives.


Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care.
Avoid public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.
Separate yourself from other people and pets in your home.
There is no specific treatment for COVID-19, but you can seek medical care to help relieve
your symptoms.
If you need medical attention, call ahead.






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We are a foundation committed to creating a healthier community by educating and encouraging everyone through creative projects. We are funded locally through partnerships and physicians.