Spring Allergies Tree Pollen

During late winter and early spring, dormant trees bounce back to life and start releasing pollen into the air, making tree pollen a trigger for allergy symptoms. Some common culprits include birch, cedar, hickory, and walnut.2


Today’s Healthy Tip – Breakfast

February 11, 2019 by misty Today’s easy health tip is all about breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Why? We need the morning fuel; because if we don’t eat breakfast our bodies are hungrier throughout the day therefore we will want more unhealthy snacks. Kids who eat breakfast are more focused throughout the…


Zavala Elementary

Thank you to the Coaches and Staff at Zavala  Elementary.  I enjoyed your kids!  We had 257 kids in attendance,    We learned about our friend Banunu, Peaches, and Berry and how they eat healthy and exercise.  We also learned about the importance of  drinking water is opposed to drinks with a lot of sugar…

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