Today’s Health Tip – Portion and Calories

The amount of anything that you eat is most important. Calories are how we measure how much we eat. We don’t want too much or too little. The right amount is different for adults and children. Tracking the amount of calories you take in is a way to track how much you eat. The amount…


Today’s Health Tip – Moderation

Most everyone knows sodas and fast food aren’t healthy. We want all children to get the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy. However, does that mean you can never eat chicken nuggets ever again? No! There is something called moderation. This means not a lot! If you want candy all the time, does…



Allergies are one of the most common chronic diseases. A chronic disease lasts a long time or occurs often. An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system sees a substance as harmful and overreacts to it. The substances that cause allergic reactions are allergens. When someone has allergies, their immune system makes an antibody called immunoglobulin…


Spring Allergies Tree Pollen

During late winter and early spring, dormant trees bounce back to life and start releasing pollen into the air, making tree pollen a trigger for allergy symptoms. Some common culprits include birch, cedar, hickory, and walnut.2

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